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Work From Tokyo

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How about doing “Stay at home” all over Japan?

Many people were refraining from traveling due to the impact of COVID-19.

As a result, Many people went to nearby places on a day trip, I feel that many people have enjoyed “staycations” more than they expected.

I think that various staycations based on accommodation are the best way to enjoy the holidays.

This is because we have been staying at a comfortable base for each season, doing remote work, and actually enjoying various staycations.

During the daytime on weekdays, we work from the same base as when we stay at home, so we don’t think there is a difference. The important thing is that “it’s no different from home”, so we can work at there as usual.

Of course, after work hours, we can walk in the nature in the countryside, in the city, take a stroll through the cityscape, and enjoy myself differently than at home.

On holidays, we can enjoy day trips to various places from our base, and we can leave unnecessary luggage at our base, so we can go around empty-handed.

In other words, compared to an overnight trip, a person who stays at a distance and takes a day trip to a nearby area can enjoy it without exhausting physical strength and traveling time.

Over the last few years, we’ve been doing this for two weeks as a basic unit in the ChΕ«bu and Kansai areas, we can experience the cultural charm different from out home town Tokyo.

And in the cases of less than a week, we try to enjoy the hospitality of the accommodation rather than going out.

The most obvious example is meals. At home, it takes time to cook and clean up, but if we choose the plan with dishes, we can eat delicious food and it will not take time.

Of course, not all dishes, even if only breakfast, the feeling of spiritual liberation is completely different from staying at our home.

Please try for “work from accommodation” which is different from WHA and WFHπŸ™‚

Workcation budget

We accept orders from $1,933 per person.
(It also includes taxes, transportation, accommodation, food and drink, and plan creation.οΌ‰

Minimum days

From 1 month.

Target Area

Around Tokyo in Japan.

Plan creation fee

25.25% of your budget (tax included)


This is a service for members of the iine! Creative Colony. It’s a service that supports the creation of travel plans, so it is not covered by the Travel Business Act in Japan.